Focused on extracting the best of the architecture and the physical surroundings, we are trying to create a team with every client, where his inspiration, preferences and necessities are converted into transcending elements in the architectural designing process of each project.

The experience of architects, designers, lawyers, administrators, engineers and advisors is integrated into a team of experts with the objective to advise you in the planning of residential, commercial, recreational or cultural developments and to ensure their success.
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At Dream Homes Engineering we have solutions that are adapted to your needs and those of the Project; at the same time, there are responses to the multiple technological challenges of today. Each project that comes to us starts out with the development of its basic idea; we visualize it and turn it into something tangible, real and functional.

Our team of highly qualified engineers is equipped with the tools and state-of-the-art technological systems to manage the following areas of specialization and support that we can offer to you: quality control in the construction, geotechnical studies, engineering and material testing, projects in infrastructure and conceptual, basic and detail design.

Interior Designing

Our firm is looking for a perfect balance in joining all the elements of a development. We project and construct spaces through the integration of materials, textures, natural and artificial lighting, aesthetics and functionality; all these to generate a convincing environment with its own personality.

Our services are focused on advising you in the interior design, the furniture, finishing, illumination and details that make the environment distinctive and unique. In every residence, work space or commercial area we work on the human comfort and current tendencies in order to outline an elegant and innovative space.

Project Management

We offer you our experience, training and qualified team to carry out the management of the project during the construction process. Closely following the plans and previously established technical specifications and requirements, we program, carry out and supervise the advances of the project in all its phases, as well as in the selection of material and quality control.

The accounting system, control techniques and standardized periodic reports at Dream Homes allow the management of financial resources with the guarantee of an adequate use of the resources, both financial and material, to their full benefit.

In the management of the project we do not only consider your current needs and the structural formation, we also pay attention to the future costs of energy, maintenance, consumption, security and a future extension of the project; essential factors to maintain the projected costs in agreement with the budget.
Property Administration Property Administration Property Administration

Property Administration

Concerned about enabling our clients to take care of their property during their absence, Dream Homes offers you the service of Property Administration. With a high standard in quality and personalized attention, we take charge of minor repairs, gardening services, garbage collection, pool maintenance, painting, waterproofing, and other services to conserve your property in optimal conditions.

In addition, we manage the payment for utilities, repairs and other pre-authorized expenses for you. For your security and trust, we provide the delivery of periodic detailed reports through our online Client System, where we incorporate all the information about the activities that have been done.

Real Estate

Dream Homes Real Estate is an integrated department within our wide range of services with the clear objective to provide you with the best property advice so that the purchase-sale of any property in Huatulco turns out to be successful and productive. Our property portfolio consists of properties located in the best residential and commercial zones of Huatulco.

During this process we offer you personalized advice on financial and legal topics through our property agents and the team at Dream Homes; professionals who fully know the market in Huatulco and in Mexico, and who are always looking for integral solutions, your satisfaction and trust.